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Strategic IT Transformation

ZapLabs is an integral part of Realogy’s Corporate Information Technology Services group, which is spearheading an ambitious IT transformation project across Realogy. We are committed to innovation and technology as a core part of our company's growth strategy.

Realogy announced the formation of ZapLabs as the company’s innovation and technology hub in 2016. Formerly operated as the technology development group with ZipRealty (acquired by Realogy in 2014), the company’s new positioning as ZapLabs more clearly identifies its focus on accelerating change within the real estate industry.

ZapLabs’ flagship technology platform, Zap®, is a key differentiator for Realogy’s franchise brands. Zap keeps real estate sales agents and consumers connected throughout the transaction journey. It helps homebuyers and sellers connect with a real estate expert who’s prepared to meet their needs, every step of the way. And it helps our affiliated real estate sales agents and brokers stay in sync with their customers, grow their businesses, and thrive in today’s real estate landscape.

Headquartered in Emeryville, California, ZapLabs is well-positioned to build on its technical expertise and continue to foster a culture of innovation among its employees who deliver intuitive solutions that add real value to the experience of buying, selling and owning a home. In the future, the scope of ZapLabs’ technology development efforts will expanding to encompass all of Realogy’s business segments.