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Peter j. Sobeck

Chief Recruiting Officer

Peter j. Sobeck (the lowercase “j” is a family trademark) was appointed to the role of NRT Chief Recruiting Officer in September 2016. A major focus of NRT’s growth strategy is to expand its independent sales associate base as well as increase the productivity of its existing sales associates. As Chief Recruiting Officer, Sobeck works with field leadership to accelerate the recruitment of top-producing independent sales associates and refine NRT’s existing retention programs. He is a second-generation real estate veteran who has a well-rounded real estate background rooted in agent attraction and retention as demonstrated by his very successful sales career and prior roles with NRT as a President’s Council Manager, SVP of Business Development and as Citi Habitats’ Chief Operating Officer.

He began his real estate career in 1978, and obtained his broker’s license in 1981. He started his career working for his mother’s firm, Joan m. Sobeck, Inc. After several other management/leadership roles at various companies under the NRT umbrella, Sobeck was named Senior Vice President of Business Development for NRT where he travelled the country to advise NRT companies on recruiting, coaching and retaining successful agents. In the process, Sobeck also learned the best business practices from some of the most successful agents and brokers in the United States. In 2013, Sobeck joined NRT’s Citi Habitats as Chief Operating Officer, helping make strategic decisions and continuing the success for the firm’s future as one of Manhattan’s dynamic real estate companies.

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