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Chris Terrill

Independent Director
Chair, Data and Technology Committee

Chris Terrill joined the Board in July 2016. He has served as Chair of our Data and Technology Committee since August 2018.

Mr. Terrill served as the Chief Executive Officer, and a director, of ANGI Homeservices, an international digital marketplace for home services that helps connect consumers with home professionals in the United States and other countries under various brands, including HomeAdvisor® and Angie's List, among others, from September 2017 to November 2018. Prior to assuming that role in September 2017, Mr. Terrill served as Chief Executive Officer of, a wholly owned subsidiary of IAC, from May 2011. Prior thereto, he held senior marketing positions at, the leader in the direct-to-consumer diet space, serving as its Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President of eCommerce from June 2009 to May 2011 and Senior Vice President of e-commerce from January 2007 to June 2009. For one year prior to joining, he served as Vice President of Product and Marketing for, the online division of Blockbuster Inc. Additionally, he spent six years with where he held several senior marketing roles, his last being Vice President of New Brands & Verticals, where he developed and launched new online brands, including

Mr. Terrill brings to the Board relevant experience in the areas of executive leadership, strategic planning and marketing and managing consumer behavior, including direct to consumer brands in the real estate services industry. Mr. Terrill is a seasoned Internet veteran who has specialized in consumer online subscription and marketplace business models.