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Charlotte Simonelli

Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Realogy Holdings Corp.

Charlotte Simonelli is executive vice president, chief financial officer and treasurer of Realogy. In her role, she leads all financial functions across the company’s multiple businesses and brands, including financial reporting, planning and analysis, accounting, treasury, tax, and investor relations. She serves on Realogy’s Executive Committee and reports to Realogy CEO Ryan Schneider.

Immediately prior to joining Realogy in March 2019, Charlotte served as Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Medical Devices, for Johnson & Johnson. With deep financial experience with multi-brand companies in the United States and Europe, Charlotte has held progressively responsible finance positions at Reckitt Benckiser, Kraft Foods Inc., PepsiCo., and Unilever. Her background includes strong experience in P&L management, financial planning and analysis, mergers and acquisitions, sales finance, SAP project management, supply chain finance and audit.

Charlotte holds an MBA from the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business and a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from the Rochester Institute of Technology.

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