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Relocation and Affinity Services


With more than 60 years in operation, Cartus Corporation offers a broad range of world-class employee relocation services designed to manage all aspects of an employee’s move and facilitate a smooth transition in what otherwise may be a difficult process for that employee.

Whether you're moving one newly hired employee across the country or your whole company across the globe, we fit our services precisely to your needs.

Cartus is a leading provider of outsourced relocation services in the United States and worldwide. The Company assists in the transfer of employees from more than half of Fortune 50 companies, and facilitates U.S. corporate-sponsored relocations, including orchestrating moves for numerous affinity membership organizations and government agencies.

Cartus at a Glance

As a global leader with nearly 2,700 employees worldwide and with strategic service centers worldwide, Cartus:

  • Assisted approximately 162,000 employee moves into and out of nearly 150 countries in 2017.
  • Has more than 60 years of experience in employee relocation services, intercultural training, outsourcing, and consulting.
  • Cartus’ services boost clients’ employee productivity and satisfaction while supporting effective program management and cost control.
  • Our focus is on service excellence, technology investment, and Six Sigma measurement standards, ensuring consistent results-driven performance.
  • Cartus clients receive continual information on best practices, cost-reduction opportunities, and competitive program enhancements, while our consultants provide each transferring employee with resourceful and responsive personal advocacy.
  • As part of its ongoing commitment to corporate social responsibility initiatives, Cartus is a signatory member of the United Nations Global Compact.

Cartus website