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We each make it our responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

As a leader in the housing industry, we take pride in our responsibility of bringing the dream of homeownership to individuals and families in communities across the nation and around the world. Every day we seek to positively impact our communities, employees, the marketplace and the environment by operating with integrity in all we do. We start with our commitment to fostering an inclusive environment and culture that values diversity. We also recognize that we have the responsibility to serve as an agent and voice for equality and fairness in housing, and have forged strong, collaborative partnerships with industry groups that share our views and promote inclusion. Our concern for others extends deeply into the communities in which we operate, and we look for ways to manage the impact of our operations on the environment in a responsible and sustainable manner. Read further to learn why, at Realogy, integrity is not just a word on the wall—it is a core value that drives our success.

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Our Code of Ethics shapes our conduct as individuals and serves as the foundation for all aspects of our business.

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With mutual respect in our workplace, we value the diversity of our colleagues, and we follow the principle of inclusion for all.

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Our employees, franchisees and independent sales agents are deeply involved in giving back to help those who need it most in the communities we serve.

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Strong ethics are key to sustainability in business

Survey says: Our people agree

Personal responsibility

I have a personal responsibility for making sure the company behaves ethically.

Business goals

It is very important when trying to meet business goals at Realogy to do so ethically.

Outside dealings

Realogy employees act ethically in carrying out their routine dealings with outside parties.