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Our Diversity Framework

Realogy Diversity & Inclusion Council

Since the company's inception, Realogy has had a focus on diversity through diversity and inclusion councils in various business units and across the enterprise. In 2016, Employee Resources Groups were formed to further promote an inclusive culture throughout the organization. Our constituents are focused on four key areas of diversity & inclusion:

  • Talent Attraction
  • Engagement & Retention
  • Culture of Inclusion
  • Marketplace

Their efforts, which are often highlighted in our social media sites, underscore our objectives of attracting, recruiting and retaining diverse talent across our company and fostering an inclusive work environment.

Employee Resource Groups

Our Employee Resource Groups promote a culture of inclusion throughout the organization. They include: Asian & Pacific Islander Alliance, African-American and Caribbean, Hispanic & Latino, NextGen, REALabilities, RealPride, SERVICE - Veterans, and Women.

Spotlight On: Hispanic & Latino Employee Resource Group (ERG)

"Employee Resource Groups foster a diverse and inclusive workplace that aligns with our company's mission, value, goals, business practices and objectives."
- Rhonny Barragan, chair, Realogy's Hispanic & Latino ERG

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