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Information Technology Careers

Our IT professionals are skilled in areas of database management, CRM, engineering, web services and innovative technology solutions.

Employee in the Spotlight

Jagruti Mahida, Manager, IT Customer Support

"I began with Realogy as a Customer Support Analyst and moved to Customer Support Manager. At the Help Desk, we support all of our Brands, NRT, TRG, RFG, and Corporate offices.

Each day at work is rewarding, knowing our clients are happy with the assistance they were given and appreciated it. And the best part is the work day goes by so quickly. It can be fun and challenging and keeps you on your toes.

Developing our employees to their fullest potential is a strength at our company. Realogy offers online and ongoing training to employees to improve our knowledge and keep up with new technology.

The management is supportive and my co-workers are great. Plus, it is a great atmosphere and the company provides flexibility of work."

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