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Our people and culture define us

Core Values

Integrity. Leadership. Innovation. Value. People. Community.

These are the core values that represent what we believe in and support how we go about our business each day. Our commitment to our People and all of our core values are made possible through the passion and energy of our diverse team members.

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Opening Doors

We have defined our noble purpose as Opening Doors” – an all-encompassing description that reflects a larger idealistic motivation for coming to work each day. Ultimately, this is what we are all about and it’s an apt description of our employees' contributions as part of our service-oriented company. Our jobs involve “opening doors” for others in some way … to new opportunities, growth, value, efficiency, careers, homes and the future … for our colleagues, our clients, for agents, brokers, homebuyers and sellers, and for the betterment of our communities.

Realogy achieves Great Place to Work certification

Realogy was certified as Great Place to Work. 92% of employees surveyed said Realogy provides a great atmosphere.

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Serving the agents is our first priority, and Realogy gives us all of the resources we need to do that.

Francisco Angulo
Sales Manager
NRT — Coldwell Banker Florida

Our leaders inspire trust and confidence in our mission.


 Tom O'Hern

Tom O'Hern
Vice President, Operations & Field Support
Realogy Franchise Group

There's a strong sense of teamwork and a management team who cares about their team's work/life balance.


Fiona Bland
Client Services Director

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Year after year, Realogy has been recognized as one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies® by Ethisphere Institute.

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Our Diversity Vision is to be the preferred company for diverse talent, leveraging inclusion and individuality as the foundation of our competitive advantage.

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In neighborhoods around the world, Realogy employees and its independent sales professionals are deeply rooted in helping those in need.

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The Realogy brands are iconic, and each stands for so much. They have a distinct story to tell.

John Peyton, President & CEO, Realogy Franchise Group

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Come inside: See how we keep things fun

Work is work but that doesn't mean we aren't having a lot of fun while we meet our business goals. These are our employees showcasing their company spirit and our corporate responsibility.