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We're excited to welcome you to Realogy!

You already know our brands, now get to know Realogy

Realogy brands and businesses are leaders in their industries but it's our people who drive our success. Our talented people at each of our locations around the world achieve great results through creativity, collaboration, discipline and integrity.

Organization at a glance

We're committed to supporting our employees' growth and development by opening doors to unlock the possibilities with them.


Sunita Holzer
Chief Human Resources Officer
Realogy Holdings Corp.

It's enjoyable to see my colleagues from different backgrounds working together.


Alla Rodina

Alla Rodina
Lead QA Engineer
Realogy Corporate Services - ZapLabs

Helping you to be successful in your career is what this company's all about.


Joseph Santini

Joseph Santini
Assistant Branch Manager
NRT Coldwell Banker Florida

We’ve created an inclusive culture and people can speak up and shape the environment they work in.


Amy Meichner
Senior Vice President, Human Resources

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Duff Rubin, President, Mid-Atlantic Companies, NRT

"My career has been incredible with Realogy. I started by selling my commercial company to NRT, then becoming a successful nationally recognized commercial agent, was later promoted to a state commercial leadership position which eventually became a multi-state role. I was then asked to transition into residential and have the privilege of overseeing one of the largest residential regions in the country in Miami. Most recently, I was asked to lead NRT’s Coldwell Banker Mid-Atlantic region as the President. . . ."

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My career spans from Fortune 500 companies to mom and pop shops, yet the benefits, recognition, and training at Realogy exceed any I've ever experienced.


David Scott
Customer Solutions Representative

I get excited to work here each day and contribute to the company's success.


Fern McBee

Fern McBee
Reporting Specialist
Title Resource Group

Having the opportunity to meet with executives has been an invaluable experience that isn’t common for most internships.

Brennan Crowle
Realogy Human Resources Intern
Rutgers Business School ’17 & School of
Management & Labor Relations ’19

Rutgers University

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