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Duff Rubin, President, Mid-Atlantic Companies, NRT

"My career has been incredible with Realogy. I started by selling my commercial company to NRT, then becoming a successful nationally recognized commercial agent, was later promoted to a state commercial leadership position which eventually became a multi-state role. I was then asked to transition into residential and have the privilege of overseeing one of the largest residential regions in the country in Miami. Most recently, I was asked to lead NRT’s Coldwell Banker Mid-Atlantic region as the President.

I love working with our affiliated agents and helping them build successful real estate careers. The friendships I have formed in working with the agents and the leadership group have created a second family for me.

Through our Coldwell Banker Cares organization, we are able to support many local charities across Florida and now the Mid- Atlantic. We completed a food drive in the Mid-Atlantic, where we gave 75,000 pounds of food to charity. Giving back is a culture we live and it was the way I was brought up.

Above all else to me, there is no substitute for a strong work ethic, integrity and passion. In other words, love what you do, stay positive and always be ethical."