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Century 21 Real Estate, Hispanic Heritage Foundation And Miami Dade College Present The 70 Newly-Licensed Real Estate Agents Of The "Empowering Latinas" Scholarship Program

"Empowering Latinas" also provides real estate mentorship opportunities with local C21® franchise affiliates

MADISON, N.J., April 26, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Century 21 Real Estate LLC, franchisor of the iconic CENTURY 21® brand, along with the Hispanic Heritage Foundation and Miami Dade College, presented today the 70 newly-licensed real estate agents of the "Empowering Latinas" program, which awarded 70 scholarships to help Latinas in South Florida earn a real estate license. The winners from South Florida were selected from more than 140 Latinas who applied for the "Empowering Latinas" scholarships. Among the new licensees are teachers, interior designers, nurses, architects, researchers, housewives, and legal assistants.

"We set out to find the relentless and this class of Latina real estate entrepreneurs reflect the go-getters and the midnight oil burners we are looking for to join our brand," said Nick Bailey, president and chief executive officer of Century 21 Real Estate. "Through this program, these 70 scholarship recipients are now better equipped to give 121% and deliver extraordinary experiences to home buyers and sellers throughout South Florida."

The awardees of the "Empowering Latinas" program received a scholarship that offset the cost to obtain a real estate license in Florida. Subsequently, CENTURY 21 affiliate brokers in the South Florida region provided mentorships to the awardees and offered them the opportunity to hone their craft with a local franchise affiliate.

"I decided to pursue the scholarship program because I was looking for an opportunity that would fill me after the loss of my husband and the departure of my daughters to college," said Alicia Calvo, one of the 70 selected Latinas. "I like sales and this opportunity that Century 21 Real Estate gives me to study and get my license is amazing."

To view the names of the 70 "Empowering Latinas" scholarship and mentorship program winners, please visit

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